Discover America's #1 Smoke Box                               

Adjustable Lid

Adjustable Lid

XXL Product chamber

Perfect Poker

One of a Kind Design

One of a Kind Design

Fully Adjustable, Forever Tight Top 

Dial in your own level of tightness

Discreet & Durable

Discreet & Durable

Designed to be Different

Pocket Friendly with Rounded Corners

5 Star Reviews

He loves taking it fishing, mountain hiking, to the beach and everywhere in between.

T Hensel

My favorite in every way.  Helps me regulate my tobacco intake.

G Viou

For real crush proof and floats.  

C Weaver

Never leave home without it

M Miller

Crown Jewel  

D Reels

Saving the World from butt pinch one unit at a time.

Secret Stash Spot Revealted

Mile High Hitter

Regular price $39.99
  • The ultimate smoke box is perfect for the on-the-go stealth smoker and
  • The most economical, natural and easiest way to quit smoking

  • Fully Adjustable Swivel Top ( Tight Top Forever)
  • XXL Product Chamber ( 7 Grams of Tobacco Product)
  • Custom Soft Touch Springs (Ease of Use)
  • Water Resistant (Seals in Freshness)
  • Includes:

  • 1 Nylon Case
  • 2 tobacco accessories  
  • 1  Poker
  • Size:  

  • Case 4" x 2.5" x 3/4"
  • Tobacco Use only.  21+
    • ULTIMATE SMOKE BOX: The Mile High Hitter is the ultimate smoke box, with custom soft touch springs that don't eject the tool into your face. Fully adjustable swivel lid which can be tighten anytime to provide airtight freshness and water resistance.  Dial in your own level of tightness. Keeps your product fresh. 
    • ON-THE-GO STEALTH: Perfectly sized with round edges fits comfortably in pocket.
    • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH: Built out of super strong high grade nylon, this smoke box is virtually indestructible. Built to last a lifetime. Non porus material so it can not absorb ordor.  Easy & Quick to clean, it's like you have a new box.  
    • XXL COMPARTMENT: The product chamber can hold up to 7 grams of your choice product. 
    • MADE IN THE USA: Built from high grade top quality nylon ensures the best performance and durability.  Built better to be better.
    • 100% PRODUCT SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  Think its the best dugout ever or get a full refund.  



    SUMMER SALE. Mile High Hitter. NEW #1 EASY STOP SMOKING SYSTEM base unit.

    Regular price $19.99

    Designed to gradually decrease your smoking intake.  The most natural and economical way to quit smoking tobacco.  Built for the smoker on the go.  Made in the USA.  Industrial strength nylon. 

    Exclusive Mile High Hitter Club Merch

    The Original & World Famous

    Mile High Hitter

    Link for Manufacturer Direct Pricing

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Mile High Hitter Mile High Hitter BLUE Mile High Hitter LIME GREEN Mr. Woody Visor Mile High Hitter

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