New & Improved | BOSS BRASS HITTERS | Clean Cut Tip & Cool Grip | 2 pack

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"Truly a superior product to anything you have ever seen or used before."  

A balanced brass hitter.  The lightness of aluminum with the durability of BRASS. ONE OF A KIND DESIGN

NEW & EXCLUSIVE |  American sourced brass.  The best & highest quality of Brass available. 

NEW & EXCLUSIVE | Clean Cut Tip & Cool Comfort Grip.

Clean Cut Tip "Cuts your tobacco product with ease.  Just PUSH & TWIST."  Ready to Go.  No more digging around in your box or half loaded tools. 

Cool Comfort Grip lips & tips technology.   Cool Grip means no metal on mouth or finger tips.

Not heavy or bulk like the brass hitters for the past 70 years of the same thing.  This unit is even back-bored so it is lighter and hits more like a small power hitter.  

(2) Smoky Sticks, (2) J tubes, (2) perfect pokers.  

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