Mile High Hitter: Midnight Black

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  • ULTIMATE SMOKE BOX: The Mile High Hitter is the ultimate smoke box, with custom soft touch springs that don't eject the bat into your face. Fully adjustable swivel lid which can be tighten anytime to provide airtight freshness and water resistance.  Dial in your own level of tightness.
  • ON-THE-GO STEALTH: Perfectly sized with round edges fits comfortably in pocket. Stay under the radar with its discreet yet durable design, small enough to conceal in most places.
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH: Built out of super strong high grade nylon, this smoke box is virtually indestructible. Built to last a lifetime.
  • XXL COMPARTMENT: The secret stash can hold up to 7 grams of your choice product. Don't find yourself dry, in the middle of a drought. Keep a secret stash for when you need it the most.
  • MADE IN THE USA: The Mile High Hitter is proudly made in the USA. Built from high grade top quality nylon ensures the best performance and durability.

Discover America’s #1 Smoke Box!

The Original & World Famous Mile High Hitter is the #1 rated Smoke Box in America. A new standard in excellence, everything you always wanted in a box. Designed to last a lifetime.

Mile High Hitter is a great option for smokers of all kinds, perfectly sized with rounded edges fits in the palm of your hand. The case is virtually indestructible, but please don't try to break it. Large surface area allows you to customize with stickers and it’s extra large product chamber that allows you to carry up to 7 grams of your choice product.

America's favorite smoke box comes with 2 premium quartz bats that can be alternated to avoid a hot piece. The ultimate smoke box is perfect for the on-the-go stealth smoker. The nylon case can survive an accidental dunk in the pool, keeping your choice product nice and dry is a must!


  • Fully Adjustable Swivel Top ( Tight Top Forever)
  • XXL Product Chamber ( 7 Grams of Choice Product)
  • Custom Soft Touch Springs (Ease of Use)
  • Water Resistant (Seals in Freshness)


  • 1 Nylon Case
  • 2 Bats made from Quartz
  • 1 Cleaning Poker Tool


  • Case 4″ x 2¾ ″ x 3/4″
  • Bat 3”